Jillian Rippolone

Type 1 Diabetes Patient Leader

After living with Type 1 for over 21 years, I have become a patient voice, leader and advocate in my diabetic community. I wanted to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes and have a platform where people can turn to, in times of struggle and need of support. My social media platforms like Instagram, has become a safe haven for Type 1's all across the world to gather and find relevant resources and support. I also started the “Diabetes Donation and Trade post”, to help type 1’s get the medical supplies that they need to survive, as many cannot afford, it’s a platform where everyone donates all unused or excess medical supplies and insulin to help others in our diabetic community in desperate need. The beauty with my social platforms (@t1dchick), is that I post the real, authentic everyday life with Type 1, not just the picture perfect “instagrammable” moments. I am a volunteer, advocate, speaker, hiker, biker, scuba diver, lifter and world traveler. I love showing others "We Can!" and diabetes will not limit us from our dreams and passions. “Until there is a cure, there is community.” I will never stop advocating for the rights of Type 1 Diabetics. 

Jillian Rippolone’s Session(s)

10:45 am EST
Patient Leader Panel: Patient Collaboration Strategies in the COVID-19 Era

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