Seth Rotberg

Co-Founder of Our Odyssey and Patient Advocate

From an early age, Seth faced adversity when learning about his mother's diagnosis of Huntington's Disease (HD) at the age of 15. Five years later, Seth went through genetic testing and tested positive for HD. Throughout the lifelong odyssey of overcoming this adversity, he now dedicates his life to helping others along their odyssey of facing adversity or roadblocks in life. Seth has a successful track record in patient engagement, clinical trial design and protocol, public speaking, leading nonprofits, and creating social media content strategies. He loves to connect with people and build relationships across all stakeholders within the healthcare industry; ranging from life sciences companies to local patient advocacy organizations. 

Seth Rotberg’s Session(s)

10:45 am EST
Patient Leader Panel: Patient Collaboration Strategies in the COVID-19 Era

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